Innovation in Q&R and Burn-In

    Universal Reliability & Test System
    • Test environment integrated with ATPG Tools
    • Highly flexible testing platform FPGA-based
    • Wide range of modular and scalable power supply and analog resources
    • High testing performances
    • Deep pattern memory
    • Test platform upgradable with analog and digital modules
    • User Interface fully customizable according to customer needs
    • Extensive data logging and reporting capability
    • Plant Data Warehouse and Factory Automation
    • Remote System management



    Modular Thermal Chambers
    • High thermal performances
    • Configuration scalability based on modular platform with “plug & play” approach
    • Automated board insertion/extraction mechanism
    • Minimized energy consumption, minimum noise and no vibrations
    • Adaptive air flow
    • Very fast temperature ramps
    • Low MTTR due to the easy replacement of the chamber modules
    • Very efficient thermal insulation guaranteeing potentially unlimited trials at negative temperatures